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Posted on May 16, 2017 by in Photo Illustration |

photo illustration

This abstract depiction of the motorcycle rider’s dilemma shows us a blended map and road. The heavens above are home to many a fallen rider and as we look just below the heavenly fortress, we see a speedometer that is also a stop watch, ticking off the minutes of a lifetime. We’re surrounded by data, telling us how to be safe on the one hand, and reminding us of the fleeting nature of life, and how dangerous this activity, on the other hand. Just to the right of the motorcycle is a fallen leaf. This golden symbol of the fall season also symbolizes the end of a riding season, as well as making it through another season. You see, riders can be conflicted. There is a natural fear for one’s life because riders are so unprotected, and they’re out there on the road amidst metal machinery weighing in at a ton each, controlled by people who often are not even paying attention (or at the very least, are incredibly distracted). Yet, the motorcycle rider is also compelled. Riding gets into their blood; it becomes an obsession. There is remorse and sadness at seeing another season come to a close, even though riding a motorcycle could end that rider’s very life. This design attempts to convey the true paradox that is riding. Fear and inevitability of death juxtaposed by a passion so strong that so saddens the rider at season’s end.


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